There are bad books as well as good books. Good books not only impact good results but also good means in human society that needs honesty, hard work, love, non-violence, and peace. We live in the world of survival of the fittest, where wealth is motivation and means do not matter. People in general have become suspicious of others. My neighbor told me that she has difficulty in trusting the hospitals for her treatment. She also has problem of trusting the school teachers where she sends her children to study. Fear of getting cheated and deceived is always lurking in our mind. Corruption, violence, and injustice fill the daily news. What has happened to the moral fabrics of our society? Where are the good books that transform our inner being? We need good books made available to everyone through printed media, radio web, or internet so as to influence good moral transformation in our human society for the good of posterity. This is our vision. We need your partnership and prayers in serving our region.
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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. — Jn 1:1
One leperListenDownload
The Creation of the WorldListenDownload
Creation of the World after 3 daysListenDownload
God made complete universeListenDownload
The seventh day, God restsListenDownload
The first riversListenDownload
The Fall of Human beingListenDownload
How God judge Adam & EveListenDownload
Can and AbelListenDownload
Increasing corruption on earthListenDownload
Changes after floodListenDownload
God's promises to NoahListenDownload
Tower of BabelListenDownload
Abram and SaraiListenDownload
Sarah Promised a SonListenDownload
Abraham RepeatsListenDownload
Sarai Rescued againListenDownload
Scarifies of IsaacListenDownload
Birth of IsaacListenDownload
Back to Bethel for JacobListenDownload
Joseph Dreams & despisedListenDownload
Joseph Sold by brotherListenDownload
Joseph brother's lie to dadListenDownload
Joseph lifted & TemptedListenDownload
Joseph falsely imprisonedListenDownload

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